Adire Pattern

The computer is becoming an indispensable piece of equipment in modern society with an overwhelming presence and effect on the way we work, play and probably think. The need to harness the power of the modern computing tools in supporting and projecting local knowledge and intellectual resource cannot be overemphasised. One of the goals of this research group and its laboratory, as well as all activities around it, is to facilitate productive interactions in a community of intellectuals in a research environment which stimulates and promotes multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas in and around computing and intelligent systems. Our primary concern is how to locate and exhume the computing knowledge and intelligence embedded in indigenous culture, by critically examining the indigenous system of thoughts, and deploying them in the development of new concepts and artefacts. We shall also pursue the incorporation of issues relating to our indigenous cultural and aesthetic concerns and themes into the agenda of modern computing discourse.

To achieve our goals, we will conduct exploratory, empirical and experimental studies on computing and intelligent systems in terms of:

  1. Their structures, configuration, topology, parameters and variables; their characteristics and behavior under different situations
  2. Issues relating to computing systems conceptualisation, specification, design, modelling, simulation, experimentation, implementation, evaluation, deployment and documentation;
  3. Issues relating to indigenous system of thoughts and how they are deployed in problem definition and solution in theory and practice;
  4. Exploration of applications in the context of responsible and peaceful use of computing technology in human society.

We shall also consider the direct and indirect consequence of our research activities in terms of their effects on human values and humanity. The research that will be conducted in the laboratory will create a synergy between the scientific and artistic knowledge underlying engineering on one hand and on the other hand engaging the understood values and best practice in the local research and intellectual communities, but with international outlook.

Research Philosophy

Aside from the philosophy that will guide individual research projects in this laboratory, the guiding principle and philosophy of this laboratory shall be: working together as a family in a community whose aim is to generate and apply knowledge for education and peaceful applications To this end, cooperation rather than competition, collectivity rather than individuality, long-term goal rather than short-term benefits, will be the hall-mark of all works in this laboratory. The laboratory considers the failure of a member as its failure and the success of each member as its success. The efforts that individuals expend in helping other people, within and outside the laboratory, will be highly cherished and greatly valued. Efforts to make the research and development outputs of the laboratory benefit people inside and outside the immediate environment will be acknowledge and greatly valued.