Advanced Theory of Computing

Teaching Team:
Prof.  Tunde OLABIYISI (Course Coordinator).
'Tunji ODEJOBI, Room 109, Computer Buildings, Obafemi Awolowo Univesity, Ile-Ife.

The Theory of Computations is concerned with the fundamental concepts of computing and the ideas responsible for the systematic processes underpinning them. Computations involve the definition of a set of symbols and the mechanisms for manipulating the symbols. The aim of computations is problem solving. Computing mechanisms or machines are also called Automata.

In this course, we will examine advanced topics in the general concepts and contexts of computing, computational  problem specification, design, modelling and simulation. We will also discuss the strategy for developing an implementable solution for problem described computationally. Our examination of the theories underpinning computing will culminate in an exposition of the devices for realising them.

Computations can be classified according to the type of symbol being manipulate: numerals, literal or graphical and the procedure underlying it: algorithmic or heuristics. Devices that carry out any form of computation can be conceptualised and formally expressed using Automata Theory (AT). For example, the development (i.e. specification, design, modelling and simulation) of a number of important computing devices will not be possible without techniques in automata theory. Such devices include:(i) Digital circuit; (ii) Computer memory devices; (iii) Embedded systems; (iv) Lexical analyser; (v) Spell and grammar checkers; (vi) Scanners; (vii) Pattern recognisers and (viii) Machine translation systems.

In this course therefore, we shall look into the theoretical  aspects and the formalisation of the ideas and concepts in computational systems development.
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PAPER 1: Opening Statement: What is Computation? Peter J. Denning; The Computer Journal, Vol. 55 No. 7, 2012

PAPER 2: Closing Statement: What Have We Said About Computation? Peter J. Denning; The Computer Journal, Vol. 55 No. 7, 2012