CSC626/CSC601: Research Methodology in Computer Science & Engineering



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1. You are required to study the document and critique its contents in terms of what you have read in the literature as well as what was presented to you during lectures. You are to comment freely and state clearly the areas in which you agree or disagree with the contents. Also provide information on some things you think should be discussed in this documents but which are missing. Also state and discuss the areas that you feel should be expanded in more details.

2. Address the problems presented in the document under the literature review section. 

YOU ARE TO SUBMIT ON OR BEFORE  12:00 Noon, Friday, 18th  November, 2016. You are to place your report in a file and submit to Room 109.


This is NOT a group work. You are required to do your individual works and submit independently.

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In this module, we will examine the fundamental issues underpinning research in Computer Science and Engineering. The modern computer scientist and engineer faces a number of challenges as the demand for new innovations continue to drive the development of more powerful system requiring ingenious theoretical treatment of old ideas. The methods for scientific analysis and engineering design changing at a rapid rate. The literature that documents the body of knowledge is also growing growing and becoming more complex to organise and use. The phenomena underpining computing in general and, computer science and engineering in particular, are very interesting and present an engaging subject of study.  In this course, therefore, we will be looking into  what is meant to conduct good quality research in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) . We will explore a number of issues, such as:

  1. Research problem identification;
  2. Research problem formulation;
  3. Literature review;
  4. The art of research objectives and methodology crafting;
  5. Research output evaluation and research ethics, as well as
  6. The process involved in the effective articulation and communication of research work.

We will also discuss the procedure for the administration of research in the Department, Faculty and the University. The course manifesto and other materials relevant to this course will be made available through this web-site [SEE THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR LATEST MATERIAL].



The first assignment is available. See the file below. You are NOW expected to submit your first assignment on 22nd of May, 2012 at 12:00 NOON.

OAU PG Thesis Latex Style File

The style file was designed to satisfy the requirements of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Seminar on Postgraduate College and Research Methodology

Presenter: Prof C. T. Akanbi  Date: 29th June, 2011. Download Presentation (PDF)