CPE 316 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CPE 316: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Teaching Team

  1. Mrs. T. O. OYEGOKE
  2.  Dr. (Mrs.) D. O. NINAN
  3. ’Tunji ́ ODÉJOBÍ (Course coordinator); [Room 109, Computer Buildings.]             .

This is perhaps the most interesting subject in computer science and engineering. In this course, we will discuss the basic concepts and principles of Artificial Intelligence(AI). The various issues and debate surrounding intelligent systems, as well as their development, will be explored. The implications and ethics of the applications of intelligent systems in human society will also be discussed. We will perform exercisers to demonstrate the procedure for intelligent systems development for various applications. Examples and cases will be indigenous to our physical environment.
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Please note that you are to hand-in your write-up on the following questions on or before Tuesday,  24th of November, 2015.
Select any three definitions of Artificial Intelligence and critique each of them. (3 pages max)
1.  Signifier-Signified Dillemma using a good example. (2 pages max)
2. Part-of-the-Whole-Narrating the Whole Dilemma using a good example. (2 pages max)
The course materials are attached below.