CPE 510: Natural Language Processing & Applications

Teaching Team

1. Dr.(Mrs.) A. R. IYANDA


3. ’Tunji ODÉJOBÍ (Course coordinator); [ROOM MB109, Computer Buildings.]

In this course, we will be discussing human languages and the technologies for processing the different forms of their expression. These technologies are together call human (or Natural) Language  Processing (NLP) technologies. The concept of language in general, and human language in particular, has been extensively studied since the antiquity. The ideas of language has been exploited in computer science and engineering. The development of computer programming language is a good example. What sets the computer apart from other technologies is the capability to automatically control its operations and actions through the use of a human-like, language. Note that the phrase “natural language” is misleading, as language itself is not natural, but a creation by humans to facilitate abstraction and communication. Another related area is human language understanding which focuses on the semantic and pragmatic implications of  language expressions.

Here  African languages, with specific focus on Nigerian indigenous language, will form the core of instructions and illustrations. Your understanding of an indigenous African language will, therefore, be an advantage.   

Materials relating to this course will be made available via this webpage and the Moodle platform of IFECISRG.


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