Group Projects

1. TETFund : The research group has applied to the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) for research funding on the development of educational tools for three(3) of Nigerian indigenuous langauges (Hausa, Igno and Yoruba). The process has reached advanced stage and, hopefully the research will start soon. Read More

2. IFE Machine Translation - IFEMT:This research group is making efforts to explore the knowledge and representation rules schema underlying automatic translation of English sentences to Yorùbá. Read More

3. Ònkà Yorùbá - Yorùbá Number Transcription System: This research examines the knowledge and computation underlying the expansion of cardinal numbers to their SY textual equivalence. we  will design and implement software for realizing this task. Read More

4. IFE-DICO (Ife Multi-Media Dictionary):The  Ife multi-media dectionary project aims to create and research into dictionaries for African languages as well as multi-lingua languges for Western languages such as English, French and German in combination with some African language. The domain of ech dictionary is defined and the terminologies are collected tagged. The generated meaning are subjected to lingusitc and semantic appriasal. Audio and graphic illustation are collects and  annotated appropriatelly. The target users of the dictionaries are second language learning as well as for edcudational and research purpose.

5. IFE-ORIN: This project focuses on the computational modelling and engineering analysis of African Traditional Music instruments such as drums (Dundun, bata, gangan, etc) and flute (Tioko) as well as issues relating to the digital documentation of the arts underlying the instruments.

6.IFECISRGYFT-DBASE-01: African Folktales: Collection and Analysis: In the African cosmology, folktales serve as a means of handing down traditions and customs from one generation to the next. The Yorùbá folktales are numerous; among these are stories, riddles or fables, histories, myths, songs, proverbs etc. The ultimate aim of this project is to develop computational structure and models for the narrative underlying African Folktale. Read More

7. French-Yorùbá Multimedia Dictionary: This work examined the development of a French-Yoruba multimedia (text, image and audio)dictionary.

8. Development of a Computational System for African Fractal Recognition: Several works has been done to informally characterise African fractals in the past but no effort has been made to formally represent, describe and recognised them. This work will address this issue by developing a model to describe and recognise African fractal.

9 COMDICO: Yoruba Multimedia Dictionary for Computing, Arithmethic and Mathematical Termerminolgies and concepts.

10. IFE-IMO: Yoruba Multimedia Dictionary and learning system for scientitic terminologies and concepts.

11. Yoruba Handwritten Character Recognition:The project involves the development of a chracter recognition system for characters that are unuque to the Yoruba language.

12. The Dancing Egúngún (Masqurade) Problem: An interesting problem in the area of computational complexity is the Travelling Salesman's Problem (TSP) in which a salesman is expected to travel through the optimum path in an Halmiton circuit. In the Dancing Egúngún (Masqurade) Problem (DEP) the aim is to transverse the most peaceful (or minimal conflict) path in an Halmiton circuit, while at the sametime visiting designated node. This problem and its associated solution conceptualise, represent, model and address the problem that confronts the Atókùn (guide) of the an Egúngún during the yearly procession. The Atókùn, in planning the most peaceful (not necessarily the most optimum) procession for the year, must select a path that avoids conflicts such as confrontation with older Egúngún. It is a problem whose solution requires a lot of creativity, experience, judgement and strategic risk taking on the path of the atókùn.

13. IFE-COMP-P: This project documents an analysis and synthesis of interesting computing problems and puzzel commonly found in Yoruba expression, literature and general cosmology. Example include (i) Hunters problem, (ii) Marriage problem, (iii)  Kanga problem, (iv) Alagabse problem, (v) Iwofa problem, (vi) Osomoalo travel problem (vii) Odo-oba dilema, and many others.

14. IJAPA-CATOON: The project involves the development of 2D-animation software for the Yoruba traditional (folktale) Tortoise narratives. This is an off-shoot of  the computational model of  African folktale project.

15. PharmaPortal: PharmaPortal is pharmacy management and inventory control software. It  is an integrated system that covers all the functional area of pharmaceutical practice. It makes service delivery easy and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of both pharmacist and pharmacist technician.