Group Member Wins International Robotics Prize

Robotic ArmA final year student in the department of Mechanical Engineering, ADEBOLA Simeon Oluwafunmilore, has made the University proud in the AFRON “10 Dollar robot” design challenge,as the only African winner in the Tethered category. Of the ten winners worldwide, he placed fourth.

The competition had requested contestants to “design anew class of affordable robots for learning ( especially in primary and secondary schools)”; with the requirements that entries would describe the design process for a robot that waould cost between 10 to 100 US dollars anywhere.

The student presented his recently completed final year project, jointly supervised by Dr. O.A. Odejobi(Department of computer science and engineering) for the competition, under the contest name, RoboArm.

The organisers had remarked that, “The RoboArm was not just built for Africa; it was built in Africa, as a senior project at the Obafemi Awolowo University. The arm has five joints, including a gripping pincer, and uses clear  plastic for the structure and scavenged motors”.

The winning entries have been posted on the AFRON design challenge webpage:

the winners have also been annouced through articles in Wired and IEEE Spectrum: the challenge and its winners were also mentioned on Slashdot: <