CSC101 : Introduction to Computing I

Teaching Team
1. Miss. A. O. AKINBOLA
2. Engr. S. I. ELUDIORA
 3.    'Tunji ODEJOBI (Course Coordinator); Room 109, Computer Buildings.

This is a 2 unit course. We will be having two hours of lectures every week, throughout the duration of the course. During this course, we will examine and discuss fundamental concepts of computing. We will see that computing involves the creation and manipulation of symbols with the aim of problem solving. For example, we need to compute to locate objects in our environment, to find food as well as to communicate our ideas. We also need to compute when describing or solving simple and complex problems. The concept and act of computing is as old as humans. A significant feature of modern times, however, is the tool used for computing: The Digital Computer. Modern computers are powerful and versatile machines that are finding use in almost all human activities. They are therefore occupying more important position in human society. Modern computers now influence how we work, play, communicate, socialise, seek help and so on. The modern computer is in fact helping humans to improve their abilities in various activities including their creativity and communications skills. The modern computing technology also have some negative effects which may arise as a result of misuse. We will be discussing these and related issues in this course.
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