CSC- 680: Object Oriented Programming I

Teaching Team
1. Dr. E. A. Ajayi
2. 'Tunji Odejobi (Co-ordinator)

CSC 680 - 3 Units

This is an executive master course in Object Oriented Programming. We will be discussing the basic concepts and processes in Object Oriented Program development. Software is ubiquitous. It seems that there is no productive human activity without appropriate computer applications and accompanying software. A good knowledge of how software is developed is essential for modern executives. Object Oriented programming (OOP) is a key paradigm in modern software development. Knowledge of OOP will allow the executive to appreciate the task involved in modern software development in order to more effectively manage the process and products of software development. Such knowledge will inform task assignment, resources allocation and deployment, activity monitoring and evaluation as well as other executive decision making relating to software related projects.
Please download the course manifesto below