CSC 624:Advanced Numerical Computations I

Teaching Team:
Dr. (Mrs.) IYANDA Abimbola Rhoda
'Tunji ODEJOBI (Coordinator)
 Course Description
This is a Three(3) unit course. In this course we shall be discussing advanced topics in Numerical Computations. Modern engineers and scientists, as well as researchers in these areas, require competence in the use of powerful computing techniques and tools. In this module, we will examine the theoretical and practical issues underpinning the development of numerical computing solution to scientific and engineering problems. The modern computer scientist and engineer faces a number of challenges as the demand for new and more powerful systems continues, requiring an innovative treatment of old ideas. The computing methods for scientific and engineering design must, therefore, respond to these new and rapidly changing demands. This affects both the approach and the phenomena that should be studied as well as those for the development of new applications.
Numerical computations have transformed science and engineering at the level of research and the methodology for the development of application. You have probably used advanced numerical computing software such as MatLab, Mathematica, Maple or Octave. The power provided by these programming tools, in terms of problem solving capabilities and the graphic rendering of results, facilitates the modelling and simulation of complex system from engineering and physics to chemistry and biology. The issues of numerical computing is more complex than using a set of tools. It also includes issues relating to the effective and efficiency deployment of the tools in solving practical problems.

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