CSC 507 Computers in Society

Teaching Team:
1. Mrs. R. N. Ikono
2. Mr.  A. O. Afolabi
3. 'Tunji ODEJOBI (Course Co-ordinator)
This is a two(2) unit course, meaning that we will be having two hours of lecture every week. We will be discussing issues relating to modern computing technologies and their applications in human society.

Computing technology provides wonderful services that has made life easier for a greater number of people. The contrived and consequential effects of modern computers on human social life is overwhelming. From cradle to grave, the computer seems to be central to major task carried out by individuals. Computer technology is making choices open to individuals in the society in a unique manner that enhances informed decisions making. It is important to note that cultural dynamics and social forces also combine to shape computing technologies. The seamless integration of the computer into other technologies, particularly communication and language technologies, has resulted in a complex  dynamic symbiosis with pervasive social effects. In this system, the effect of the computer is becoming increasingly difficult to isolate, analyse and control. Of a greater concern is the ethical and value implications of modern computing technology as it is becoming easier to remotely initiate actions that can produce physical and emotional effects.
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