CSC 307: Numerical Computations I 2015-2016 Session

Teaching Team:

1. Mr. Seun AYENI

2. Dr. 'Toyin ODUKOYA

3. 'Tunji ODEJOBI (Course Coordinator)

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This is a 3 unit course. We will be having two (2) hours of lectures and three (3) hours of practical classes every week, throughout the duration of the course. During this course, we will explore the basic concepts of Numerical Computations (NC) and the processes and procedures for using them in the solution of engineering problems. We will see that, fundamentally, Numerical Computations involves the description of problem using numbers and the application of the Numerical Methods derived in the mathematical analysis of abstract problems, in the design of a solution strategy. The aim of a computational solution strategy is to realise the most accurate and practical solution to an engineering problem.

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The following software tools will be used in the course. Download and Install them for your personal use.


Schedule (Tentative - Please meet the Laboratory Coordination Dr. (Mrs.) Odukoya)

Tuesday      Time: 7am – 9 am

Mathematics/Statistics, Physics, Geology and Chemical Engineering


Thursday  Time: 1pm – 3pm

Computer Science with Economics/Computer Engineering/Computer Science with Mathematics