CSC 201: Computer Programming I

In this course we shall be discussing Introduction to Computer Programming.  We will be using the FORTRAN (FORmular TRANslation) programming language. The FORTRAN (more recent acronym is Fortran)  programming language is specifically designed for programming engineering and science based problem solution. It has developed over the years from its first introduction in 1958 as FORTRAN II, which is a structured based programming language. The current version is Fortran 2003, which is an Object Oriented Programming based language. We shall be using Fortran 90/95 in this course, though features in Fortran 2003 will be discussed as appropriate.  The focus of the course is not the programming language, that is Fortran, in itself, but the understanding of the basic principle of problem solving through the programming of a computer. To this end, the fundamental concepts of program design and implementation will be discussed in details. Each of the concepts and techniques that will be discussed will, of course, be demonstrated using the Fortran programming language.

The Introductory Lecture presented by Dr. O.A. Odejobi can be downloaded here.
The material on the Plato IDE  (by Janet Nicholson, 2011- Note this is a copyrigth material) can be downloaded here  
If you have any questions, comments or suggetions on any of these material please see me in Room 109, Computer Building. Other specific questions about the course should be directed to the course co-ordinator, Dr. S. I. Eludiora, Room 321, Computer Building.