CSC 691: Microcomputer Presentation

CSC 691: Microcomputer Presention
Teaching Teaching
1. Dr. (Mrs.) S. A. Bello
2. 'Túnjí ODÉJÓBÍ (Coordinator) [Room 109, Computer Buinding]
In this module, we will examine how to exploit modern tools in computer and information technology, specifically the use of the microcomputer and its associated technologies, for conducting executive level research and communicating its finding. The kind of research in focus are those that are required for executive decision making in human productive activities such as business, commerce, education and industry. We will look into what it means to conduct good quality research in this domain. We will explore a number of issues, such as: (i) research problem identification, (ii) research problem formulation, (iii) literature review, (iv) the art of research objectives and methodology crafting, (v) research output evaluation and research ethics, as well as (vi) the process involved in the effective articulation and communication of research work.
Please download a detailed description of the course below. Note that you should read about the first section of the course contents, that is section 0.4.1 Introduction. This will form the basis of the discussion during our first contact.
1.) Discuss the types of executive research and illustrate aspects of such research in your areas of competence, e.g. your current employment.
2.)  Please review the following papers in line with our discussions in the last class.
     a)     Fredrick M. N. and Machuma A. H. M.(2010) Entrepreneurship and                socioeconomic development in Africa: a reality or myth?, Journal of European and Industrial Training, Vol 34 No.2  96--109
   b)  Laban P. Ayiro(2010)   The role of social entrepreneurship  entrepreneurship in HIV/AIDS management across the education in  Kenya, Journal of European and Industrial Training, Vol 34 No.2  167--182
c) Augonus Nnamdi Uhegbu(2004) Constraints on the formulation and implementation of national information policy for Nigeria, Journal of Information Science, 31 (1) 2004, pp. 41–47.
3) Write a short note on the following contents of a research document:
a) Abstract; b) Introduction; c) Methodology; d) Result and Discussion; e) Conclusion f) References.